Our vision is to develop real estate projects that will generate jobs and tax income for Steamboat Springs and its surroundings. We also aim to provide the housing that will be needed as a result of these projects. We aim to maximize reciprocity between our different projects and follow the local government's goal of balanced growth.
Our goal is to further develop our land positions that are suitable for medium to high density residential construction as well as industrial and commercial uses. We plan to advance real estate projects through planning and seek partnerships for development while maintaining healthy equity positions. We will explore Public Private Partnership through the use of reimbursement agreements, Tax Increment Financing and special taxing districts.

Colorado Projects Group is a team of professionals that is active in the real estate industry. We combine our expertise,   knowledge and efforts to realize  successful real estate projects in the Steamboat Springs and Hayden, Colorado area. We have created this website to inform you of our activities. Whether you are looking for a home to buy or rent, or are thinking about investing in one of our projects, or would like to   be a partner; the information on this website could be helpful to you.





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